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craft your own crocheted moths


Moths are divisive critters – people tend to either love them or really, really hate them. And unlike their smoother, leaner butterfly cousins, moths have the ability to strike fear into the hearts of many with a single flutter of their dusty wings. We’re pleased to say that we are not those moth-fearing folk. If one of the winged creatures happened to hurl its fuzzy body at our faces, we would not squeal and wave our arms about, we would just be mildly unsettled and slightly concerned for the offending moth’s safety.

If you’ve got someone in your life who you’re trying to coax away from the dark side (aka the moth-hating side), then we have an idea for you: invite them over for a pleasant crafternoon spent making these lovely crocheted moths. Just whip out your craft kit and download this PDF pattern. Your mate will be admiring the little creatures in no time.