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diy cupcake pin cushion

diy cupcake pin cushion


Turn those stray pins into sprinkles.

Crochet. Baked goods. Nifty uses for old mason jars. Need we say more?

Okay, just a few more words. With pins for sprinkles and crocheted frosting, this cupcake pin cushion by ChiWei from One Dog Woof might just be the sweetest (pun intended) thing we’ve ever laid eyes on.

It also doubles as a handy container, meaning no more rummaging through boxes and drawers to find your sewing kit. Huzzah! Whip up a batch of crocheted cupcake pin cushions and give them to your mates as presents, or keep them all for yourself – just don't bite into their adorable tops. Head here for the how-to.