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an interview with an axolotl

1:00pm Thursday, 20 Oct. by jessie alymore

A quick little chat with...Ella Thompson of Axolotl.

tunesday - husky

9:00am Tuesday, 18 Oct. by georgia frances king

We're not sure if the name 'Husky' refers to the delightfully sloppy snow doggies or to the gravely throat quality, but we are sure that we love Husky's music.

tunesday - harry james angus

3:00pm Tuesday, 11 Oct. by georgia frances king

We've been following Harry James Angus' career for over ten years now. The Cat Empire trumpeter and crooner used to busk just down the road from us, giving swift trills of his brass as we wandered by, tossing 20 cent coins into his hat.

tunesday - the tallest man on earth

4:00pm Tuesday, 04 Oct. by georgia frances king

Every now and then there is a musician who renders us speechless as they have enough vocal amazingness to produce sound for the both of us.

tunesday - brous

8:00am Tuesday, 27 Sep. by georgia frances king

Brous (pronounced 'Bruce', as in Springsteen) is the pop project of Sophia Brous, who became the youngest ever program director of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival at just 22

tunesday - megastick fanfare & oh ye denver birds

8:00am Tuesday, 20 Sep. by georgia frances king

This is an example of how good things come in twos - megastick fanfare and Oh Ye Denver Birds are having a co-headlining tour!

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