niyya multi-purpose prayer mats

9:00am Sunday, 01 Sep.

Product designer Myhra Mirza has come up with a mat that's use extends from prayer to beach picnic and winter shawl.

i love lamp

9:00am Thursday, 29 Aug.

Ooh! It's a collection of snazzy new lamps from Milligram Studio.

house on a hill

9:00am Tuesday, 27 Aug.

What is this? A house for ants? (No, merely a quirky dish for things like nuts and cereal.)

a floral explosion

1:00pm Friday, 16 Aug.

Finally, a chance to embrace two of our favourite pastimes: exploding confetti cannons and giving new plants life.

swimming fridge magnets

9:00am Monday, 12 Aug.

Let these adorable ceramic swimmers pin up your paper bits and bobs.

the art of folding

3:00pm Friday, 02 Aug.

Furoshiki-obsessed maker Georgia Dorey is worth a follow for her eye-pleasing fabric manipulations.

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