the bottle cap house

3:00pm Sunday, 26 Jan.

Russian pensioner Olga Kostina found a creative use for 30,000 plastic bottle caps.

hold me closer, tiny planter

3:00pm Thursday, 08 Aug.

These tiny paper plants are just lovely – and they’re available for purchase, too!

russian fairy tales

4:00pm Wednesday, 12 Apr.

Everyday life in Russia can look a little, well, storybook-like – and shutterbug Frank Herfort is capturing it all.

Have a gander at some deluxe threads straight out of Moscow.

russian hand-carved window frames

3:00pm Thursday, 27 Oct.

Get a squiz at some sweet Russian window frames. (Warning: desire to renovate home may ensue.)

Take a peek at the breathtaking plains of Siberia (and some rather lovely creatures, too).

the twenty fingers

3:00pm Friday, 11 Dec.

Cute and quirky wooden brooches are the flavour for The Twenty Fingers, and all manner of items that look like they’ve been whittled by teeny-tiny fairy hands.

sushi towels

9:00am Sunday, 07 Jun.

A deliciously soft cloth that can dry off your mitts, then quickly be rolled into a tasty-looking piece of sushi? Oh yes, Jenny Pokryvailo has dreamt that up.

barbara nowak photography interview

3:00pm Saturday, 25 Apr.

Barbara Nowak's dreamy snaps come from Poland with love, plus a great eye for detail and the ability to see the peaceful, meaningful moments in life.

depeche mode in stitches

10:00am Sunday, 22 Feb.

Some music fans show their devotion by flinging a pair of knickers on stage. Queenslander Natalie Selezneva, however, prefers to express her fandom through craft.

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