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spy some polar bears hanging out in abandoned buildings


There’s a bear in there, and a bear in there, and another bear in there… OK, you get the gist.

Dmitry Kokh was making his way through Kolyuchin Island, Russia, last year when he spotted a few large, clawed, furry chaps hanging out the windows of an abandoned building. It’s safe to assume that if we had been in Dmitry’s position, then we probably would have, ahem, shit bricks.

But, since Dmitry happens to be a super-talented wildlife photographer, the sight of a few friendly (and only slightly deadly) polar bears left him feeling absolutely chuffed. So, he whipped out his camera and took some incredible snaps. The shutterbug says the experience was a "once-in-a-lifetime situation", and we tend to agree.

Have a gander at Dmitry’s website to see more of his impressive photographs, and peep his work in action below.