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moscow's upside down house

moscow's upside down house


A bunch of creatives in Russia are feeling a bit topsy-turvy.

Sometimes when we were little we would lie upside down on the couch, with our legs up over the back and our swinging tresses sweeping the floor. We'd pretend we lived in a topsy-turvy world where we walked on the roof and paintings hung up, not down, and there was something exciting about fighting gravity (despite the fact we hadn't yet learnt the word).

A bunch of creatives in Moscow had the same kooky idea, but instead of trying our simple trick, they've gone one step further and flipped a whole house on its head. Yep, there's an upside down cottage on show at the All-Russia Exhibition Center, where people can clamber around and make the most of the opportunity by taking loads of gravity-defying snaps.

Now excuse us while we hotfoot it to the airport.