With so much on the go, we were rather pleased to nab Edith Rewa Barrett for long enough to answer a few of our niggling questions.

for me by dee

3:00pm Tuesday, 27 Oct.

Nothing says “I think you’re swell” like the close-up mug of a curious giraffe. Or a sleepy wombat. Or a bug-eyed French bulldog, for that matter.

aimee bee brooks illustrations

9:00am Friday, 09 Oct.

How darling are these doodles from Aimee Bee Brooks?

sad girls zine

3:00pm Thursday, 01 Oct.

We’d like to think that most girls spend their days feeling cheerful and jolly and skipping around, but the reality is that sometimes they just feel down in the dumps.

a very birdy greeting

2:00pm Friday, 24 Jul.

The next best thing to strapping your greetings to the back of a well-trained homing pigeon.

artist interview - billur kazaz

3:00pm Saturday, 11 Jul.

Sit Billur Kazaz down with some plants, some paint and a cup of water, and she's well and truly in her happy place.

wildlife in windbreakers

9:00am Sunday, 21 Jun.

For lovers of ‘80s windbreakers, human-like critters and retro styling, you may like to take a look at Kat Zambellakis’s little artworks.

To celebrate the awesomeness of some weekend R&R, here’s a little interview with the artistic lady who brought our cosy cover to life.

the starving artist

9:00am Tuesday, 05 May.

A word of warning: these illustrations by The Starving Artist are likely to cause some tummy rumbling, so it's best you grab a snack to nibble on if you're feeling a little peckish already.

katie wilson's illustrations

9:00am Sunday, 12 Apr.

Every now and then we discover an arty type who makes us wish we could dive headfirst into their illustrated world.

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