prints and patterns by andrea caceres

3:00pm Wednesday, 06 Nov.

Pugs, pretzels and prints. These are a few of the New York illustrator Andrea Caceres’s favourite things.

ceramic swimmers

3:00pm Friday, 26 Jul.

Artist Brendan Lee Satish Tang illustrates what it feels like to be a 'fish out of water'.

The Brooklyn-based illustrator creates scenes straight out of a '50s thriller.

learn the art of brush lettering

4:00pm Wednesday, 26 Jun.

A calligraphy class for folks who want to pen ace birthday cards (and create a cool letterform poster or two).

allie runnion illustrations

3:00pm Wednesday, 26 Jun.

Bright and bold, chipper and cheerful: it’s impossible not to be drawn in by Allie Runnion's colourful work.

Take a peek behind this artist’s super-fun, bold artworks.

"I was studying international relations at ANU, and soon into it, realised, 'I hate this,' and decided, 'You know what? I’m going to move to Melbourne and do the creative job thing, give it a shot.'"

a slice of big city life

3:00pm Monday, 20 May.

Haley Tippmann’s illustrations capture the beauty of busy folks going about their everyday business.

the freelance shuffle

9:00am Monday, 10 Jun.

We ask a photographer and two artists about taking the plunge into freelance life.

A bit of art for your kitchen.

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