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It takes a special eye to find inspiration in the mundane, and true talent to turn humdrum moments into lovely art. But that's just the kind of artist Maisy Summer is. Although she started out as a graphic designer, the Manchester lass decided her keen observational skills were better suited to drawing slice-of-life scenes like commuters on bicycles, cute shop fronts and chock-a-block shopping trolleys. “I began to realise I enjoyed the storytelling aspect of illustration,” she recently told It’s Nice That. “I loved how drawing was a way to document things I’d observed and to communicate that to others.” 

Maisy’s preferred mediums include gouache, pencils and paper cuttings, with digital touch-ups and animated elements to pep things up along the way. Why stop at one medium, when you can have them all? To see more of Maisy’s work, stop by her Instagram or pick up a print at her shop.

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