diy coffee filter garland

3:00pm Wednesday, 29 Jun.

Turn some plain old coffee filters into a pretty decoration.

diy fruity balloon straws

9:00am Sunday, 26 Jun.

Your next batch of beverages just got a whole lot cuter.

diy hair bow

3:00pm Wednesday, 22 Jun.

As if we needed another excuse to dig out the hot glue gun.

diy mister moon lamp

3:00pm Sunday, 19 Jun.

We might not be so terrified of the dark these days, but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost our appreciation for the humble and helpful nightlight.

diy cherry blossoms

9:00am Wednesday, 15 Jun.

There’s nothing we love more than maximum cute for minimum effort.

diy finger knit rope trivet

9:00am Thursday, 09 Jun.

All you need to make this nifty trivet is nine metres of cord and your own trusty fingers.

diy disco ball helmet

9:00am Tuesday, 31 May.

Behold, crafty types: an easy project for easy riders.

diy vintage ice cream van

9:00am Thursday, 26 May.

A teeny-tiny craft project, sure to sweeten your day.

Learn how to stitch leather – flawlessly.

diy pencil clutch purse

9:00am Thursday, 18 Apr.

Pencil in a little time for this super-easy DIY.

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