epic gingerbread houses

9:00am Wednesday, 23 Dec.

Now that we’ve seen this yummy project from SBS Food, all we want for Christmas is a gingerbread mosque. And a gingerbread pagoda. Oh, there are gingerbread log cabins and beach shacks as well?

There’s an old adage that goes something like: “Why have one biscuit, when you can have two biscuits with multiple flavours and ice cream in the middle?”

fruit pizza

9:00am Saturday, 12 Dec.

Here’s the thing: ordinarily we’d consider fruit pizza an abomination.

This scrummy cake looks so damn good that you’d never know it’s packed full of goodness-bringing bits.

gingerbread tiramisu

9:00am Saturday, 31 Oct.

We’ve just had to fashion an impromptu bib out of a nearby tablecloth, to save our duds from the river of drool that was triggered by this yummy recipe.

With these blooms sealed in jelly, there’s little chance of unsightly wilting – plus it’s pretty easy on the palate, too.

a healthy peanut butter cup

9:00am Saturday, 10 Oct.

Be still our beating hearts and growling tums!

sprinkly chocolate-covered pretzels

9:00am Saturday, 03 Oct.

Fancy upping the scrummy factor this weekend?

boozy kahlua marshmallows

9:00am Saturday, 05 Sep.

Just a word of warning: perusing this recipe for Kahlúa marshmallows is one (delicious) way to put an end to productivity.

cinnamon apple charlotte

9:00am Tuesday, 01 Sep.

There needn’t be a reason to tuck into a bowl of ooey, gooey cinnamon apple deliciousness, but the end of winter is as good as any, don’t you think?

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