vintage spool photo holders DIY

9:00am Saturday, 01 Sep.

Sometimes the best DIY ideas are the simplest, like these vintage spool photo holders over at Miniature Rhino.

online vintage fabric store

3:00pm Thursday, 30 Aug.

Who would've thunk the world's largest online vintage fabric store was run out of a little shed rural Victoria?

This jewellery designer skips around the world collecting antique bits of fabric, beads and brass, then goes back to her home in Barcelona and makes them into exquisite accessories like this one here.

diy vintage needlepoint bag

3:00pm Monday, 06 Aug.

How's this for a little DIY project that actually looks easy and (fairly) quick and has you ending up with a pretty vintage-inspired bag?

vintage fabric ribbon

9:00am Sunday, 29 Jul.

Not enough things in the world are covered in ribbons. If we had our way, every room in our house would look like a giant maypole.

refurbished suitcases

9:00am Sunday, 22 Jul.

We stumbled across these rad refurbished suitcases while dreaming of the summer holidays.

clothes line saga vintage

9:00am Monday, 09 Jul.

Something old, something new... If you're a fan of both vintage attire and modern threads, Clothes Line Saga is worth a peep.

vintage animal prints

9:00am Sunday, 01 Jul.

If you're ever stuck in a library with nothing to do (or are procrastinating from whatever you are doing), head over to the natural history section, pick out the oldest book you can find, and flip through to all of the animal pictures.

vintage bowties

8:00am Monday, 25 Jun.

We sense a trend coming on here: after receiving a sudden onslaught of emails about bowties made out of both vintage fabrics and high quality materials, we've decided to put together a little collection of our favourites.

sew and tell

8:00am Tuesday, 22 May.

Pop Saturday May 26th in your diaries and circle it with glee, because it is the day of the Sew & Tell: Handmade and Hand-Me-Down Fair and therefore sure to be ridiculously full of good things to do and see.

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