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feast your eyes on these strange retro recipes


Why was food from the ’70s so darn odd? Back then, it was acceptable to encase everything in gelatine – including entire salads – and to present gross meats as if they were a dessert. Folks absolutely loved arranging their meals to look more like sculptures than, well, meals (we would all be using eggplants as vases, if the folks behind The Fine Art of Garnishing had their way), and eggs and platters were all the rage.

The Instagram account @weirdoldfood presents these retro food trends and more in all their gelatinous, elaborately-garnished glory. The account is run by Jess – a lover of vintage cookbooks who has kindly shared the best images from their collection. We’ve taken away two key lessons from gazing at the scans: folks from the ’70s had stomachs made of steel, and they sure knew how to have fun with their food. Pop over to @weirdoldfood to spy more strange stuff.

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