bess georgette vintage

3:00pm Tuesday, 18 Jun.

We'd love to swap our daggy duds for some elegantly swishy skirts and dresses, which is how we ended up waist deep in Bess Georgette's online store.

the world's best flea markets

9:00am Friday, 14 Jun.

How do we love flea markets? Let us count the ways.

retro & me online store

3:00pm Sunday, 09 Jun.

Digging about in a vintage store's bargain bin is where you find the shiniest of pre-loved gems, so we were pretty chuffed to discover that Retro & Me have popped their own version online.

pink lily vintage knick knacks

3:00pm Thursday, 30 May.

If you're not in a steady relationship with the volunteers at your local op shop, the Pink Lily Vintage etsy store is like a haven for the kitschest of bric-a-brac.

hazene online vintage

9:00am Thursday, 16 May.

Each piece in store has been handpicked from Europe's treasure trove of retro delights, and shipped to our shores with the sole purpose of sprucing up your wardrobe.

love vintage fair melbourne

3:00pm Tuesday, 14 May.

The mother of vintage markets is back in Melbourne this weekend, with oodles of Australia's best vintage dealers gathered under one beautifully decorated domed roof.

sewn up on anzac day

3:00pm Monday, 25 Apr.

In honour of ANZAC Day, we've become a bit obsessed by this flickr stream from the Australian War Memorial.

Let's just pause for a minute and admire the upcycled near-genius of Melbourne furniture dude Sean McMahon.

tomorrow is vintage tee day

9:00am Thursday, 21 Mar.

Australia's first Vintage Tee Day is tomorrow March 22nd, which means it's time to bring out the most ace, ironic, second-hand t-shirt you have hiding away in the back of your cupboard.

We have a chat to Los Angeles-based artist Robert Townsend who paints the world his dad grew up in: roadside diners, quiffs and all.

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