the adventures of

3:00pm Friday, 16 Mar.

If more stationery websites were as well put together as The Adventures Of, we would probably have minimal pennies left in our purses due to an over-spend on delightful paper-goods.

inky co

3:00pm Monday, 05 Mar.

There are some things in life that you can have too much of: bills, cake, to-do lists. However, stationery is one thing that we can never have enough of.

hand-stitched greeting cards

9:00am Wednesday, 01 Feb.

These creative cards give a little texture and extra love to the humble 'thank you'.

oh & ah

10:00am Sunday, 04 Dec.

Badges, toys and stationery, oh my! Kuala Lumpur creative collective Oh&Ah make, design and collect all the rad stuff on their web shop.

foxy delivery

4:00pm Tuesday, 08 Nov.

Dear frankie people, we deliver good news – Jessica from Foxes Shop of Design and Wonderment is running a snail-mail competition.

non-bad hair

4:00pm Monday, 31 Oct.

An ode to those non-bad hair days, you can choose from an afro, pigtails or snappy bobs in this series of bouffant wrapping paper.

tis the season

3:00pm Wednesday, 26 Oct.

It's probably a tad too soon to be decorating with the tinsel, but that doesn't mean we don't have our eye on some Christmassy stationery.

we love mail

11:00am Sunday, 16 Oct.

We Love Mail is a gorgeous idea with even more gorgeous prizes.

It's that time of year again - the 2012 frankie diaries and calenders are now on sale at all of your favourite frankie outlets!

boston bag lady

10:00am Sunday, 25 Sep.

Forget Facebook, announce your newborn to the world in the old-fashioned way.

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