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these artist papers are made from scraps

these artist papers are made from scraps


Dodgy Paper pulp old books, magazines and other bits of paper junk to create weird and wonderful art materials.

There’s nothing more daunting than staring at a blank sheet of paper. But then again, why start with a plain canvas when you could opt for something with a little more character? If you wouldn't mind doodling on curious speckles and the odd Melway excerpt, head straight to Dodgy Paper.

The Melbourne-based biz get their hands on any kind of used paper scraps available – old books, cards, wrappers, Scratchies, you name it – then soak, pulp and turn the lot into hand-pressed artist papers. The results aren’t optimal for printing your tax return on, but they do make arty projects look pretty darn spiffy. Check out the whole lot of recycled papers over here.

art by Chris Costa (L) and Michael Cain (R)