kooky stamps

3:00pm Wednesday, 04 Jul.

The world could be made a better place with stampable ice-cream cones, washi tape and Space Invaders.

the scribble diary

3:00pm Thursday, 05 Jul.

Some of us are words people, and others are picture people. So if you're visually minded and finding it difficult to keep a journal, here's a diary for you that is all about doodling.

note worthy

3:00pm Thursday, 28 Jun.

A teeny quilt that's also a notebook page that's also an ode to nerds? Oh yes.

not-quite-right cards

9:00am Friday, 15 Jun.

Here's a series of cards that are not-quite-right, but still lovingly designed and slightly evil.

red cap cards

3:00pm Monday, 11 Jun.

Some cute cards for all occassions.

floral postcards

3:00pm Wednesday, 06 Jun.

There is nothing nicer than receiving a hand written postcard in the mail. But who says that you can only send them from exotic locations?


9:00am Tuesday, 24 Apr.

Milligram is like the mecca for all things doodley.

the adventures of

3:00pm Friday, 16 Mar.

If more stationery websites were as well put together as The Adventures Of, we would probably have minimal pennies left in our purses due to an over-spend on delightful paper-goods.

inky co

3:00pm Monday, 05 Mar.

There are some things in life that you can have too much of: bills, cake, to-do lists. However, stationery is one thing that we can never have enough of.

hand-stitched greeting cards

9:00am Wednesday, 01 Feb.

These creative cards give a little texture and extra love to the humble 'thank you'.

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