Rejoice, fellow cat lovers, and celebrate your slightly odd-ball obsession for the whiskered kind with these must haves for any lady, kitty-crazed or not.

While most cats and dogs seem content playing with a cardboard box and the loose strands of last year's knitting attempts, sometimes it's nice to give them a bit of a treat.

There are some seriously under-loved animals in the art world. Take the sea otter for an example: possibly one of the most profound, utterly adorable creatures but they're often overshadowed by things that swim with a little more grace, like those god-dammned dolphins.

dog doodlings

3:00pm Wednesday, 10 Oct.

How darling is this print, Pooch In Pucci? Because every pup deserves a little bit of a pamper every now and then, right?

doggie bow ties

9:00am Wednesday, 12 Sep.

We're not promoting turning your pooch into a walking art piece, but who wouldn't benefit from a simple bowtie while going for a stroll?

luxe lol cats

12:00pm Saturday, 22 Oct.

Does your dear old puss really need a log cabin, teepee or faux bearskin rug? The answer might be yes.

rocks in your head

3:00pm Tuesday, 18 Oct.

Losing a pet rock can be hard to get over, but after some digging around we think these vintage rock collections could just be the perfect bedside-table replacement, minus the googly eyes.

oh hello there!

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