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chinese whiskers

chinese whiskers


In Hong Kong, felines are the overlords of retail spaces. As they should be.

Ever seen a cat keeping an eye on you while you peruse articles in a store? It can be both a charming and unsettling experience. And in Hong Kong, well, it’s pretty common. Photographer Marcel Heijnen noticed this not long after moving to the city in question, and has taken his fair share of feline-centric snaps over the years. As you can see below, cats are an integral aspect of retail culture in Hong Kong, helped along by the fact that it’s legal to have them in shops over there – be they the owner’s pet or a furry friends that’s just strolled in from the street. Oh, and of course, they do a bang up job of keeping the place free of mice, which is rather advantageous. Take a scroll to check ’em out.

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