nice digs dog beds

9:00am Wednesday, 14 Oct.

A slobbery, threadbare old dog bed can be quite difficult to work into your living room décor, but these snazzy designs make it a wee bit easier.

cuddle clones

10:00am Sunday, 08 Mar.

If you're the kind of person who generally thinks their pet is the bees knees, there's a chance you'll be into Cuddle Clones.

Some may say that a recipe book just for dogs is a touch extravagant, but we thumb our noses at those Negative Nancies.

metal patches for dogs

9:00am Friday, 07 Nov.

Should your pup wish to express their inner muttlehead, Pet Haus have gone and stitched up their fave bands in patch form.

retro pet trailers

3:00pm Sunday, 07 Sep.

You probably wouldn't put your closest pal up for the night in a snug wooden box, so why is it any different for man (or woman's) best friend?

rabbit real estate

9:16am Tuesday, 22 Jul.

Behold: a Cape Cod-style mansion for the hard-to-please cottontail in your life.

cat burger bed

3:00pm Tuesday, 25 Mar.

Imagine a world where all cats slept in cosy burger beds that turned them into a furry feline patty. We like that world.

breakfast dog biscuits

9:00am Saturday, 28 Dec.

There's certainly no shortage of food blogs out there, but how many of them cater to our four-legged chums?

cat tipis

9:00am Saturday, 15 Jun.

Kitties love to cram themselves into compact spaces, and a canvas Cat Tipi is a darn sight cuter (and classier) than the empty box from your weekend six-pack.

diy t-shirt dog hammock

3:00pm Wednesday, 06 Feb.

Inspired by the idea that dogs love the smell of their owners' clothes this clever contraption designed by Koichi Suzuno and Shinya Kamuro utilises the pong of your favourite old tee in a kind of trampoline bed for dogs.

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