helo birdie's picture postcards

9:00am Wednesday, 30 Oct.

Artworks that instantly make you feel cooler.

Prepare to have your mind blown by this Washington-based artist's hyper-realistic paintings.

ariel lee’s landscapes

9:00am Friday, 20 Sep.

Paintings from where you’d rather be.

the pin museum

3:00pm Friday, 23 Feb.

The Pin Museum sells enamel pin replicas of famous artworks, so you can turn your lapel into a teeny-tiny gallery.

joey slaughter paintings

9:00am Tuesday, 20 Dec.

Treat your eyeballs to these colourful artworks, each of which represents a conversation between two people.

Take a peek at some pretty artworks inspired by the abandoned houses in Christchurch’s ‘red zone’.

We had a chat to this lovely Russian-born painter about what inspires her delicate storybook art.

amanda senneby paintings

3:00pm Saturday, 02 Jul.

Swedish painter Amanda Senneby reckons ladies in art are often portrayed as “passive and simple” – and you know what? We think she’s onto something.

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