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helen robinson’s ode to the t-shirt


T-shirts have always been an excellent canvas for self-expression. The famed Vivienne Westwood scrawled punk messages across hers back in the 1970s, while English fashion designer Katherine Hamnett made bold, political t-shirts a big deal a decade later. Graphic tees have come back with a vengeance in recent times, and it’s a continuing trend artist Helen Robinson spotlights in her series ‘Ode to the T-shirt’.

“Now more than ever, people are wearing their hearts on their sleeves, literally,” Helen writes in her project description. “T-shirts serve as a form of common language because they allow you to voice your opinion silently, but prominently.” Helen’s paintings show how an everyday piece of clothing can act as protest, inspiration or, well, whatever you want it to be, really. Take a closer look above, and be sure to stop by her website to see more.