diy bookcase dollhouse

9:00am Friday, 28 Sep.

Yes this bookcase dollhouse is meant to be for the kiddies, but we are rather tempted to make one for ourselves next time we're faced with a rainy Sunday afternoon and a half-empty bottle of sherry.

diy yarn fonts

9:00am Monday, 24 Sep.

Yarn, typography and pipe cleaners: can you think of a better way to spend your morning?

tiny crocheted animals by su ami

9:00am Sunday, 23 Sep.

If The Borrowers were pretty nifty with a crochet hook and owned a zoo, this would pretty much be the result.

diy ruler clutch purse

3:00pm Thursday, 13 Sep.

This clutch rules (sorry, we couldn't help ourselves). Learn how to make it here!

button artworks by julie vinci

3:00pm Wednesday, 12 Sep.

Sometimes something as simple as the humble button can be transformed into a poetic representation of a much larger issue.

yarn and nail art diy

3:00pm Tuesday, 11 Sep.

Using the brick and mortar walls of your home, a stack of nails, a hammer and a ton of brightly coloured yarn, you could wind up (pun intended) with an industrial-but-pretty piece of art on your wall.

thread den classes

3:00pm Monday, 10 Sep.

There's nothing like strutting about town wearing a dress you just hand-stitched yourself and your brand new beehive do.

diy watercolour embroidery hoops

9:00am Saturday, 08 Sep.

Here's a snazzy way to make something that's already snazzy even snazzier. That's snazzy times three!

online vintage fabric store

3:00pm Thursday, 30 Aug.

Who would've thunk the world's largest online vintage fabric store was run out of a little shed rural Victoria?

cross-stitch jewellery

9:00am Wednesday, 29 Aug.

Because nothing says 'I love you' like a ring cross-stitched with a cuss.

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