boasting brights

1:00pm Saturday, 12 Nov. by jessie alymore

We're in a technicolour state over designer and maker Jennifer Loiselle.

alice in monsterland

9:00am Friday, 11 Nov. by jessie alymore

Once upon a time an artsy lady cut and coloured herself a whole new world.

dark and stormy

4:00pm Monday, 07 Nov. by jo walker

Ever feel like you've got a dark cloud following you around? It needn't be a bad thing, especially if you're sporting this necklace.

antlered girls and the magic of stitch

12:00pm Sunday, 06 Nov. by jessie alymore

A doodler of the quirky and nostalgic, illustrator Megan Eckman has created a line of downloadable embroidery patterns converting her charming drawings into sewn art.

bird bowl

1:00pm Wednesday, 02 Nov. by lara burke

Every bowl needs a ball of string. Every bowl also needs a bird on it. Bowls and birds and balls of string. Perfect.

beautiful bunting

9:00am Tuesday, 01 Nov. by holly mccauley

Just when you thought garlands/bunting/things you hang on walls couldn't get any cuter, we just happen to stumble across these sweet things by Mi Avril.

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