make your own doll kit

3:00pm Tuesday, 15 May. by maggie butter

The rainy season has come, and therefore so has the crafting monsoon.

nikki gabriel giveaway

9:00am Thursday, 03 May. by holly mccauley

Kiwi knitting guru Nikki Gabriel has just opened her very own store. To celebrate, she has oh-so-kindly offered us a few sets of her special hand-painted needles to give away.

totoro cross-stitch

10:00am Sunday, 29 Apr. by georgia frances king

His name is Raynor, he has a beard, and he does crochet under the name The Shy Lion. This is one of his many rad projects.

wool and the gang

10:00am Saturday, 28 Apr. by holly mccauley

Can't decide whether you want to buy a pre-made jumper this winter or knit one yourself? This nifty company offers both options.

subversive cross stitch

10:00am Saturday, 21 Apr. by georgia frances king

The best way to cuss is through cross stitch. Everybody knows that, right? Warning: lots of not-so-nice words wrapped in thread are contained in this blog post.

staying in the loop

3:00pm Monday, 09 Apr. by georgia frances king

Here's a treat for our UK readers: not only is Loop full to its brim with yarns from all the way around the world, but it also stocks pre-made designer wares, an array of patterns, coffee table books and even holds regular knitting and crochet classes.

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