craft cubed

9:00am Wednesday, 25 Jul. by georgia frances king

CRAFT x CRAFT x CRAFT = CRAFT CUBED. Mathematics is never wrong.


auckland art & craft fair

9:00am Monday, 23 Jul. by georgia frances king

Kiwi art and crafters, we're super pleased to be helping out with the Auckland Art & Craft Fair again this year!

biddy bags tea cosie patterns

9:00am Saturday, 21 Jul. by georgia frances king

Tea pots get cold in the winter months, just like your fingers do. So why not knit them a little something to keep them toasty?

coloured felt garlands

8:00am Wednesday, 18 Jul. by maggie butter

We love a good garland - especially one that makes our house look like it's raining rainbow-coloured confetti.

handmade bias binding

9:00am Saturday, 14 Jul. by maggie butter

Calling all quilters: we may have just found the perfect bias binding.

online sewing school

8:00am Friday, 29 Jun. by georgia frances king

Life is short, yarn is long. This is the fundamental flaw in trying to fit sewing and knitting into our daily lives. For those who want to start making their owns clothes or doing craft projects, but don't have the time to take lessons, keep reading.

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