frankie diy - glitter feathers

3:00pm Friday, 26 Oct. by anabela piersol

We show you how to get nifty with the humble feather. First we'll teach you how to add a bit of bling to their plumage, and then we have a few suggestions for how you can kit yourself and your home out with your newly acquired talons.

knitted fruit necklace giveaway

3:00pm Sunday, 21 Oct. by georgia frances king

Cramming three pieces of fruit into your day isn't as hard as what most people make it out to be. These knitted fruit necklaces may not be edible (unless your dog has a penchant for yarn), but at least you're taking a tasty step in the right direction.

new friends weaving

10:00am Friday, 19 Oct. by jo walker

If you've ever been down one of those dark web holes where you just can't go to sleep till you thoroughly investigate every baby goat gif or Ryan Gosling meme then you'll know the internet can suck the vitality right out of you. But the internet can foster creativity as well.

finders keepers melbourne this weekend

12:00pm Tuesday, 16 Oct. by the frankie team

The Melbourne leg of the Finders Keepers Market is on again this weekend, complete with fresh copies of issue 50, our 2013 diaries and calendars, vintage threads and Betsy, My Vintage Caravan.

painted clipboard diy

3:00pm Monday, 08 Oct. by jo walker

We love a clipboard-on-wall moment, so we almost shudder to think of the cute overload that could be achieved with this simple painted clipboard DIY.

frankie diy - pom pom chandeliers

3:00pm Friday, 05 Oct. by rachael smith

With Friday comes the freeing of both imaginations and schedules, leaving us with time to tinker on the weekend afternoons. To celebrate this, frankie magazine is going to be bringing you a new crafty online DIY every two weeks thanks to our new team of nimble thimble fingered writers. Huzzah!

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