diy floral wreath

3:00pm Tuesday, 18 Dec. by georgia frances king

Don't weave any mistletoe in this DIY wreath - it's going to attract enough people with its fragrant beauty without you trying to help it along.

DIY flapper trees

3:00pm Monday, 17 Dec. by jo walker

These little doozies are called flapper trees, which we're assuming means their fringing flaps up and down, not that their fringing makes them look a bit like a 1920s dame straight out of F. Scott Fitzgerald (who has also been shaken vigorously).

festive craft downloads

3:00pm Sunday, 16 Dec. by jo walker

While handmade gifts that take forever to complete are swell, there's something to be said for quick and dirty crafting when you've got a gift list a mile long. Enter the downloadable craft: cheap, quick and perfect for last-minute, kitchen table assembly line.

knit yourself some christmas balls

3:00pm Saturday, 15 Dec. by jo walker

Want to get a little knitty for the holidays? Norwegian stitchers Arne & Carlos have you – and your Christmas balls – covered.

frankie diy - christmas bon bons

9:00am Friday, 14 Dec. by rachael smith

Our gift paper book isn't just for wrapping - here's a nifty and super easy way to turn the pages into snazzy Christmas bon bons, minus the dad jokes.

exclusive frankie diy - masking fluid card fun

3:00pm Friday, 07 Dec. by anabela piersol

With just a little masking fluid and a splash of watercolour you can make some pretty spiffy looking cards with minimal mess.

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