boarding furniture

3:00pm Wednesday, 14 Feb.

Now here’s something pretty nifty: furniture inspired by a skateboard park.

This very pretty furniture was inspired by bark peeling off trees.

Oh, be still our beating hearts.

wouldn’t it be mice

10:00am Monday, 22 May.

An anonymous group of street artists in Sweden are building tiny hangouts for mice.

a pink crocheted house

3:00pm Sunday, 25 Sep.

A small army of women in Sweden banded together to crochet an entire country house in hot pink yarn.

tallest man on earth tour

5:00pm Friday, 19 Aug.

When we woke up this morning we weren’t expecting to spend the day swooning theatrically into our cups of tea, and yet here we are, doing just that.

Behold, some little paper pals that perch right on the edge of your desk.

sannah kvist photography

9:00am Thursday, 07 Jul.

We’re drooling a wee bit over the lovely photography of Swedish shutterbug Sannah Kvist.

amanda senneby paintings

3:00pm Saturday, 02 Jul.

Swedish painter Amanda Senneby reckons ladies in art are often portrayed as “passive and simple” – and you know what? We think she’s onto something.

levitating planters

3:00pm Monday, 27 Jun.

Don’t rub your eyes, you’re not seeing things: this pretty planter does indeed defy gravity.

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