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sweden’s miniature mouse world is setting up shop (again)


Remember the mysterious art collective AnonyMouse? The one building tiny hangouts for mice in Malmö, Sweden? Well, after going underground for a bit, it seems the artists have re-emerged, along with a whole new set of miniature small businesses. This time, they’ve set up shop in the city of Lund, carving out a charming student dorm, pharmacy and record store. (It’s called Ricotta Records and features band posters of Modest Mouse and Cat Stevens.)

The pun doesn’t stop there, either. If you’re in need of a good giggle, just flip through the shop’s recent record collection – it’s filled with hits from the likes of “Feta James”, “Amy Winemouse” and “Stilton John”. For more updates on the pint-sized town, keep your eyes and ears close to the ground (and by that, we mean follow the artists on Insta).