Love eggs? Then you may well love making these floral egg table decorations this Easter. (They're not edible, but they're cute.)

An excellent way to use up leftover Easter treats (if there is such a thing).

Just like a chocolate Easter treat… only crunchy.

croatian easter bread dolls

9:00am Saturday, 19 Mar.

Eastern Europe does Easter a bit differently (but perhaps more adorably) than us, if these Croatian Easter bread dolls are anything to go by.

knitted hot cross buns

3:00pm Wednesday, 23 Mar.

From the teeny sultanas to the white cross on top, these hot cross buns have all the important details covered. Aside from being edible, that is.

cheesecake-filled chocolate eggs

9:00am Saturday, 04 Apr.

Plain old choccie eggs will never feel the same again.

diy swinging easter chick

8:00am Wednesday, 09 Apr.

It's not often you'll see us writing about swinging chicks (you'd find frankie in a whole different section of the newsagent if we did), but this little DIY is just so adorable.

tie-dyed eggs

10:00am Sunday, 08 Apr.

Here's a nifty Easter tutorial to teach you how to make use of those putridly awesome vintage ties you have lying around in the back of your closet.

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