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frankie exclusive diy: pom pom easter basket

frankie exclusive diy: pom pom easter basket


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket (unless it’s this one).

This bold pom pom Easter basket can take your Easter gifting to another level or make a super-fun centrepiece for your table. I’ve used a range of coloured yarns in pastel and jewel tones to create a rainbow theme, but you could go for any colour palette you like!MATERIALS

a wire or wicker basket (mine is 30cm wide, but you could use any size you like)
lots of yarn! Pretty much any thick yarn will do (I’ve used cotton yarn as it’s more eco-friendly than acrylic)
pom pom makers in two sizes (I’ve used 35mm and 45mm pom pom makers, but you might want to try 35mm and 25mm ones if you're using a smaller basket)
sharp scissors


1. Start by planning out the colours you want around your basket and roughly how much of the edge you want to cover in each colour. For instance, if you’re using six colours you might want to fill roughly 1/6 of the edge with each colour, or you might want to have one main colour with pops of the other colours.2. Your particular pom pom makers will come with their own instructions, so take a look at these before you get started if you’re new to making pom poms. I’ve used Clover pom pom makers. When you tie the length of yarn around the middle of the pom poms, make this fairly long, as you’ll use the ends to tie your pom poms to your basket.

3. Once you’ve made a few pom poms, give them a good trim to neaten them up (but make sure you leave the ties long).4. Using the ties, secure your first pom pom to the top edge of your basket (if you’re using a wicker basket that you can’t tie the pom poms to, you can use PVA or craft glue to stick them in place instead).5. Keep adding pom poms to the inner and outer sides of your top edge, all the way around, clustering them close together. You’ll need A LOT of pom poms! (For a quicker version you could just add a cluster of pom poms at the base of your basket’s handles.)6. Once your pom poms are all in place, fill your basket with Easter goodies!See more cool stuff from Anna Alicia over here.