shuwei liu photographs momo wang

9:00am Sunday, 03 Feb.

The beauty of the traditional Chinese countryside is often under-represented by landscape photographers. So when we found this lookbook over on Miss Moss, we just had to share it with you too.

If you're in the mood for some pretty photos to get lost among for a little while, we recommend these lovelies by Jovana Damnjanovic.

anna gawlak polish photography

3:00pm Saturday, 19 Jan.

Following the ancient tradition of, 'I'm bored, it's negative 20 degrees outside and all I have is this camera to play with,' Anna's snaps capture a certain calmness in those little moments in the world around us.

For absolutely no reason other than we quite fancy the idea of a ping pong table wreathed in flowers, we are a bit in love with photographer Oliver Schwarzwald's Colour series.

boots and pine canadian photography

3:00pm Thursday, 13 Dec.

Toronto. Maple leaves. Crystal Castles. Snow. If you need some new nouns to attach to your knowledge of this beloved Canadian city, may we recommend Arden Wray's photography project, Boots & Pine?

photography by philip white

9:00am Sunday, 13 Jan.

Dublin-based fashion snapper Philip White has us flicking through his portfolio admiring not only the brands he has shot for but the skills behind his shutter.

kelsea kosko photography

9:00am Thursday, 03 Jan.

Kelsea Kosko is a young and uber talented fashion photographer you may be squizing around the place more this year.

Feel like a bit of a browse on the first day of your holidays? You may not be able to use your computer screen as a coffee cup coaster while you're perusing, but here's a little online interview with Spanish photography darling, Berta Pfirsich.

Part one in our series of frankie throwbacks: Portland photographer Carlie Armstrong has become one of our go-to gals, but now she needs a hand to keep her little project chugging alone.

sakir gokcebag fruit photography

9:00am Sunday, 11 Nov.

Just a gentle warning – these pics from Turkish photographer Sakir Gokcebag might leave your jaw hanging on the floor and/or mouth drooling from hunger.

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