kelsea kosko photography

9:00am Thursday, 03 Jan.

Kelsea Kosko is a young and uber talented fashion photographer you may be squizing around the place more this year.

Feel like a bit of a browse on the first day of your holidays? You may not be able to use your computer screen as a coffee cup coaster while you're perusing, but here's a little online interview with Spanish photography darling, Berta Pfirsich.

Part one in our series of frankie throwbacks: Portland photographer Carlie Armstrong has become one of our go-to gals, but now she needs a hand to keep her little project chugging alone.

sakir gokcebag fruit photography

9:00am Sunday, 11 Nov.

Just a gentle warning – these pics from Turkish photographer Sakir Gokcebag might leave your jaw hanging on the floor and/or mouth drooling from hunger.

mary gaudin photography

9:00am Saturday, 03 Nov.

Mary Gaudin is a Kiwi photographer who is now based in France's Montpellier, though her travels have taken her little camera to places far wider and more exotic than Europe and across the Tasman.

annosh urbanke photography

9:00am Wednesday, 31 Oct.

Care for some nice inspiration of the photographic kind? We sure do.

frankie shindig gallery

2:00pm Wednesday, 17 Oct.

Here are some extra happy snaps from our party last week. We had a little soiree to celebrate our 50th issue and we wish that everyone could have made it along.

clara bleda photography

3:00pm Sunday, 07 Oct.

The weekend is drawing to an unfortunate close, but that's okay, because we've found some pretty photography for you to look at and be reminded that more raddness will come this week.

indiana caba photography

10:00am Sunday, 28 Oct.

Photographing with 35mm film, some people may call Spanish photographer Indiana Caba a traditionalist: we call her classic.

It's the start of a fresh week, so what better time for a new online frankie feature? Postcards will be like a monthly photography essay that features a different spiffy international maker/doer/crafter/thinker and the town they live in.

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