To an outsider, Gothenburg is viewed as the giant, Scandinavian equivalent of Sydney's Newtown or Melbourne's Fitzroy - large enough to be the second biggest city in Sweden, in fact.

adam pogue's dream house

3:00pm Monday, 04 Mar.

Who said all dream houses had to be full of plastic furniture and discarded Barbie gowns? Give us knitted record player covers, hanging lamps, patchwork couches and a cute pooch any day.

For our third instalment of our new Postcards online series, Ebony Bizys (the lass behind some of our favourite craft books, as well as the totemo kawaii blog Hello Sandwich) takes us through her new-found home in Tokyo.

We have a chat to photographer Kate Seabrook, who has been travelling around on Berlin's incredibly punctual public transport system and taking snaps of all their oddball (and beautiful) stations.

Sasha Arutyunova sees a little sparkle in commonplace scenes that the rest of us wouldn't look twice at.

Martina Zamboni has lived in three different countries and photographed loads more during her 27 years, now calling Melbourne home. We had a little chat with her and the multi-seasonal snaps she takes.

Nicola Odermann is a German photographer who likes nothing more than taking a morning constitutional around her local mountain range. As you do.

cerise doucede's daydream photography

9:00am Wednesday, 13 Mar.

Cerise Doucede suspends daydreams. And is it just us, or is there also some Matilda-esque quality to this as well? Minus the flying carrot sticks and Cheerios?

Our shadows are pretty awesome things. For something that follows us around all day, every day, we don't notice them anywhere near enough. That is, until we remove ourselves from them completely, Peter Pan style.

One of frankie magazine's top photographers Carine Thevenau is having her first solo exhibition next week, based around the gritty stories behind Scandinavian folklore.

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