wool days

3:00pm Wednesday, 27 Apr.

Knitting, weaving, making pom-poms, rugging up in cosy woollies right to our snouts: we’re big fans of yarn and everything it can do.

Make plonking your behind on a hard surface a little less bruisey with this soft and shaggy seat cover.

thisispaper knitwear

9:00am Sunday, 14 Jun.

These cosy pieces from Thisispaper are taking our fancy right now, and, just our luck, all of their knitwear is on sale – hurrah!

parrot sweater pattern

9:00am Thursday, 04 Jun.

Though the leaves may be turning a sad shade of brown around here, a parrot-themed jumper can take you away to a steamier place.

superfine beanie kit giveaway

9:00am Wednesday, 17 Sep.

Our lily-white ankles may have seen a few rays of sun of late, but the ominous grey clouds overhead suggest that we're not done with the frosty weather quite yet.

my friend yarn

2:58pm Monday, 08 Sep.

Let's all just sit back and admire the loveliness of these woolly cushions from My Friend Yarn.

a handy scarf

3:00pm Wednesday, 13 Aug.

There are many uses for this Healing Hands scarf from Reykjavik Corner Store.

crochet scissor grip diy

2:45pm Friday, 27 Jun.

'Tis the season to wrap everything up in a snuggly layer of coloured wool, so why leave your craft supplies out of the yarny fun?

quiet tiger beanies

3:00pm Thursday, 29 May.

For someone who lives in the sunny, palm tree-lined city of Los Angeles, you might not expect Nellie Le to be a knitwear pro.

keep your egg cosy

9:00am Saturday, 02 Nov.

The mercury might be inching up the thermostat, but we vow to dress our boiled eggs in hand-knitted beanies all year round.

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