the house that disappears

3:00pm Thursday, 03 May.

This zero-waste, zero-energy house effortless blends into its environment – the perfect hideout, if ever there was one.

a hobbit home for you

3:00pm Sunday, 03 Jan.

Finally someone has granted our one great wish: to live in a hobbit’s home, just like Bilbo Baggins.

house of pane

10:00am Monday, 16 Mar.

This cosy little house in the West Virginian countryside was built entirely from recycled windows, and as strong advocates for a room with a view, we're digging it in a big, big way.

kat o'sullivan's rainbow home

3:00pm Friday, 14 Nov.

How could you feel down when you're living inside a rainbow?

here's to lovely spaces

3:00pm Thursday, 16 Oct.

Have you noticed a charmingly creative home or workspace around the traps?

moscow's upside down house

3:00pm Thursday, 23 Jan.

A bunch of creatives in Russia are feeling a bit topsy-turvy.

we love pretty spaces

3:00pm Wednesday, 27 Nov.

Do you know anyone with a delightfully creative home or workspace in Australia?

tinyfolk kids' houses

9:00am Saturday, 05 Jan.

These cardboard houses by Australian brand Tinyfolk are made from sustainable forest wood, printed with non-toxic dyes and come flat-packed ready for your tot to take to them with a pile of textas and imagination.

anna carey's tiny houses

3:00pm Tuesday, 18 Sep.

If Thumbelina lived in a sun-drenched utopia, this would probably be her dream house.


a bit of colour

9:00am Thursday, 01 Mar.

This extremely colourful blog is full of bright interiors and clever ways of splashing colour around.

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