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frankie good stuff 2018 winners

8:00am Friday, 06 Apr.

Drum roll, please! We do hereby announce the talented types who won this year’s Good Stuff awards.

rant: no news is good news

8:00am Friday, 13 Apr.

“I always feel like I run the risk of seeming ‘uninformed’ by avoiding the news – but what am I really avoiding? The vast majority of the time: bullshit.”

road testing hot sauces

3:00pm Thursday, 22 Mar.

The spice is right.

“It’s me combing my hair during a moment of peace, in a time when everything was rather difficult and chaotic.”

the tearjerkers

3:00pm Sunday, 18 Mar.

We count down some of the best snot-running-down-your-chin sad flicks. 

we want to know what you think

9:00am Saturday, 17 Mar.

We really, really do. Tell us in our frankie survey and you could win some bloody nice prizes.

“A recent study comparing groups of drinkers and non-drinkers found that the drinkers were more likely to talk, smile contagiously and involve everyone in the conversation.”

“Occasionally, I talk to the bodies. It’s difficult not to, especially when I first receive them, because they look like someone’s grandmother or grandfather.”

some nifty camping hacks

3:00pm Sunday, 25 Feb.

Escaping the city to sleep out under the stars? Allow us to provide you with a few handy camping tips and tricks – including how to whip up a DIY stove.

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