lighting, layers and reflections

9:00am Tuesday, 20 Feb.

Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but those who put coloured glass houses in the middle of California should get a hearty pat on the back.


4:00pm Sunday, 02 Apr.

This Wild West movie set has become a real town in Southern California.

Call us self-obsessed, if you must, but this band sure is wonderfully named.

artist interview – sophie tivona

3:00pm Saturday, 18 Jun.

We had a chat to the California native about her watercolour world.

elise morris paintings

9:00am Monday, 10 Aug.

The more we look at these works of art, the fuzzier they make us feel inside.

madeline barber photography

3:00pm Friday, 03 Jul.

Weathered shop signs, rocky cliffs and dusty blue skies make California’s Joshua Tree an awfully photogenic place to visit.

jen zahigian's colourful photos

9:00am Monday, 23 Mar.

You'd be forgiven for mistaking these photos for stills from the latest kooky Wes Anderson flick, but they're actually the work of Californian photographer Jen Zahigian.


10:00am Wednesday, 17 Dec.

There is so much cuteness over at the Dotto Etsy store that we're a bit loathe to share it with you.

elsa mora's paper cuts

3:35pm Monday, 07 Jul.

If someone were to establish a monarchy of the paper-crafting world, Elsa Mora would be first on the carefully constructed throne.

tunesday - the growlers tour dates

3:00pm Tuesday, 25 Feb.

The Growlers are a garage band from Orange County, California, who have weaseled their way into our playlist of late.

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