tunesday - bear's dean

4:00pm Tuesday, 02 Dec.

Ask the fellas from Bear's Den where they get their inspiration, and they'll probably name the children's book, Where the Wild Things Are.

tunesday - new bertie blackman

9:00am Tuesday, 10 Jun.

Can you believe it's been ten years since we first heard from Bertie Blackman?

From IKEA and ABBA to meatballs and Alexander Skarsgard, there's so much goodness coming out of those Scandinavian borders, and Little Dragon have just added a bit more.

We've become rather fond of Sydney-based muso Appleonia, and it's not just because of her merry-making, bubbly tunes. (Although they're pretty darn awesome too.)

tunesday - fun machine giveaway

2:15pm Tuesday, 18 Mar.

We challenge you to find a video clip that will inspire you to bounce out of your desk chair and bop around the room more than this beauty.

tunesday - lorde album giveaway

9:00am Tuesday, 08 Oct.

It was only a few months back that we were introducing Lorde as a new artist with the goods to go far, and here she is kicking musical tushie.

janelle monae exclusive album stream

3:00pm Wednesday, 04 Sep.

Fancy some new tunes to tickle your earholes this afternoon? We've got something rather special to get your feet a-tapping.

tunesday - uncovered qotsa

9:00am Tuesday, 27 Aug.

Until now, the only Queens of the Stone Age adaptations we've heard are from well-oiled cover bands at the local pub. This album is different though.

What's not to like about the French? They've brought us croissants, Amelie, our favourite skinny fries and mountains of gooey cheese, not to mention centuries' worth of musique fantastique.

It is with great excitement and foot-jittering anticipation we announce frankie magazine will be presenting Tegan and Sara's Australia tour!

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