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sigur ros live stream

sigur ros live stream


For those of you who missed out on tickets for our world-first Sigur Ros listening party last night at the Melbourne Planetarium - never fear! You can listen their new album Valtari in full here online tonight at 7pm!

Golly golly gosh. We're not sure if you heard, but last night we held the world exclusive listening party for the new Sigur Ros album, Valtari. Thinking that there was one place and one place only that would be suitable for such a soiree, we invited some lucky winners along to the Melbourne Planetarium to have a truly intergalactic experience.

The Icelandic boys have described their new record as "an iceberg melting in slow motion", and we think that it melted our hearts too. Staring up into the expansive surrounds of the universe, one of the best hours of our life was spent watching shooting stars, planet rotations and other solar systems. Valtari is truly stunning, full of soul-achingly beautiful strings, pounding drums and some tear-inducing moments... Oh, who are we kidding? We cried through some sections!

For the rest of Australia though, we have some good news. Tonight at 7pm EST, we will be streaming Valtari in full all across Australia! The little box that you can see below will come alive at 7o'clock, and for one hour you will get to hear the sweetest sounds this universe has ever heard. We'll give you a little reminder at 6.45pm tonight, don't worry! So sit back, pour yourself a glass of something nice, and enjoy.