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the decorated trucks of india


When American photographer Dan Eckstein travelled to Rajasthan for a friend’s wedding, he instantly became fascinated with the trucks zooming down the highway. Painted in eye-popping colours and embellished from top to toe, every vehicle seemed to have a style of its own. Curious about the story behind the decor, Dan hit the road for two years, meeting and photographing truckies across the subcontinent. On the way, he learnt that decorations like painted talismans and hanging garlands are added for good luck (hauling cargo at all hours of the day can be dangerous work), with drivers periodically commissioning illustrations from roadside artists. The drivers often spend weeks away from their families, too, and their truck cabin naturally becomes a second home. Dan says finding the most striking trucks to shoot was like going on a treasure hunt, but if his book Horn Please is anything to go by, he's definitely unearthed some gems. For more dazzling photos, head to Dan's portfolio here