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see the world from someone else's window


It’ll be quite some time before you can jet off to a far-flung destination again, but what if we told you you could scratch that travel itch without leaving the house? Enter Window Swap – a website that lets you see the world from someone else's perspective. With the click of a button, you can look out onto the streets of Istanbul, be transported to the lush green hills of German ski country or watch the rain pitter patter in Gurugram, India. It’s rather romantic to gaze out the window all day (it might even inspire you to join this month’s Scribble Club challenge) and you never quite know what you'll spy next. All views are crowd-sourced by lovely folks from around the world, so if you think your perspective is worth sharing, you’re free to return the favour. For more mesmerising scenes, head over to Window-Swap.