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scribble club: get creative with our monthly prompts

scribble club: get creative with our monthly prompts


Drop by each month for a different creative theme and healthy dose of inspiration.

Whether you’re a painter, doodler, crafter or all-round creative, you’ll know how much it sucks to stare at a blank page. Starting something from scratch can be super-hard, so to help get your ideas flowing, we thought we'd share a regular prompt.

Each month, we’ll post a written theme for you to interpret however you like. Think of it as a creative exercise if you’re feeling stuck or want to challenge yourself. (It might also be a nice way to keep your brain busy if you’re in lockdown.)

We're keen to see what you come up with, so feel free to send us a snap of your work or tag us on Instagram and we might share our favourites on this very page. Try not to think of it as a competition, though – the point is to celebrate the act of getting something on the page, whether it's fully formed or still a work in progress. 

Without further ado, here's this month’s theme (drumroll please): from my window. What can you see from where you’re sitting? What’s just beyond your viewpoint? What do you wish was on the other side of the glass? What's being reflected back? 

Hopefully this gets your creative juices flowing, friends. All the best and see you next month!