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win a copy of the kitchen garden

win a copy of the kitchen garden


A nifty illustrated guide to growing and cooking your own food.

You decide to start a veggie patch. You research what’s in season, buy a bunch of gardening supplies, and prep your plot. After carefully planting some seeds, you check on your veggies every day, patiently waiting. Then, it finally happens. You’ve successfully grown your first vegetable – a majestic parsnip! Visions of owning your own farm-to-plate restaurant and retiring among the cows flash before your eyes. And then you realise: you have no idea what the heck to do with that parsnip. You’ve never even eaten one before!

Don’t let that weird, pale vegetable crush your dreams, friend, because Lucy Mora is here to help. Lucy’s a gardener, a cook and an artist, and she’s just released a new book, The Kitchen Garden. It’s basically an Australian gardening calendar, and teaches you what to grow, when to grow it and how to cook it. (And like every good calendar, The Kitchen Garden features loads of super-lovely artwork.) Fancy a copy for nix? We happen to have five copies up for grabs over on our win page. Good luck!