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tunesday – guthrie

tunesday – guthrie


Everyone knows a dickhead.

Ah, toxic relationships. Many of us know the feeling of frustration that comes with watching a friend date a walking red flag. You can see there’s something seriously wrong with the situation, but your mate continues to act as if everything is A-OK. (They know everything isn’t A-OK, being in a toxic relationship is just super-scary).

GUTHRIE (the project of Melbourne-based muso Tess Guthrie) has dropped a super-relatable new track that is all about that feeling. “‘Dickhead Song’ is a blend of a friendship love song, and me trying to give my past-self a bit of a pep-talk,” they say. “I think there’s a lot of victim-blaming out there and people don’t realise how hard it is to leave abusive relationships, and so I wanted to write something which explores the complexity of that feeling when you want happiness for a friend so badly, and for them to be treated with respect, but you also want to make sure they feel empowered rather than blamed when you talk to them.”

GUTHRIE is set to release new music later this year (and our ears and prickling in anticipation). In the meantime, tune into “Dickhead Song” below.