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tunesday – gordi

tunesday – gordi


The quietly powerful "Volcanic" was crafted to feel like a wave of anxiety.

It’s common knowledge that most musos have day jobs. But it just so happens that folk singer-songwriter Gordi (real name Sophie Payten) has a job that’s particularly in need right now. Shortly after she began releasing music from her forthcoming album Our Two Skins last month, Sophie announced she’d be heading back to a rural hospital to help fight COVID-19. She had resigned at the end of 2019 to focus on touring, but since the live music scene ground to a halt, her original plan no longer made sense.

None of this, of course, stops you from tuning into Sophie's new work (though it might make you appreciate our hard-working musicians a little more). Her quietly powerful third single, “Volcanic” was crafted to build up like a rush of anxiety, with a piano solo that urges onwards before ending abruptly. “I wanted the song to feel like a wave of anxiety,” she says. “When it surges, you can feel paralysed and out of control at the same time. Then suddenly; it’s over.”

Our Two Skins
is out on June 26.

photos by Jess Gleeson