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tunesday – amyl and the sniffers

tunesday – amyl and the sniffers


The Melbourne punk group's explosive new album is just what we needed.

If the current state of the world is leaving you feeling helpless, lethargic and frustrated, then we recommend screaming your lungs out to local act Amyl and the Sniffers’ ripper new album, Comfort to Me. Featuring fierce vocals from singer Amy Taylor and energetic bass, drums and guitar from the Sniffers, the record makes us want to jump around while flipping the bird at anyone who gets in the way.

But it’s not all punching walls and taking the piss. The album’s infectious opening track, “Guided by Angels”, shows off the group’s range, Amy says. “I feel like, as a band, everyone thinks we’re just funny all the time. And we are funny and I love to laugh, but we also are full-spectrum humans who think about serious stuff as well, and I like that one because it’s kind of cryptic and poetic and a bit more dense,” she tells Apple Music.

The album is also unapologetically raw. “Out comes the night, out comes my knifey / This is how I get home nicely,” Amy wails on “Knifey” – a track about the experience of walking home at night as a woman. Makes you want to cry angry tears, eh?

Now – close your eyes, turn up the volume, and tune in below.