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tunesday - new chairlift tunes

tunesday - new chairlift tunes


Oh, Chairlift, we’ve missed you so.

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Oh, Chairlift, we’ve missed you so. Thank goodness you’re back with some new tunes for us to wrap our earholes around, and perhaps inspire a spontaneous dance party.

The duo’s latest album, MOTH, will be out in the world on January 22nd, and it’s just as sparkly, upbeat and dreamy as the Chairlift ditties that have come before. Get a load of “Romeo” below if you don’t believe us: based on a Greek myth about athletic Atlanta, who will only marry a fella who can beat her in a running race, it’s full of rousing beats and haughty lyrics and makes us want to kick up our own heels.

Snap above by David Levene.