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treat yourself to wholesome snacks

treat yourself to wholesome snacks


Tasty goodies delivered to your door.

If you’re like us, you’re never without snacks. They’re hanging out in our tote bags, back pockets, desk drawers and anywhere within arm’s reach — no matter where we are. We simply adore snacks, not only because they’re scrumptious, but because it’s so important to avoid the dreaded hangry downturn. Otherwise, you’re one blood-sugar drop away from a very bad attitude. No one wants to be running errands, pulling a long workday or debating furniture choices at the home goods store without an easy-to-grab snack. Once we reach peak hangry, we’ll probably be unproductive and argumentative until we’re sated. 

Unfortunately, there’s a heap of snacks at the supermarket that aren’t particularly nourishing for our bods. Sometimes they’re full of ingredients our bellies don’t like, or they don’t cater to our particular dietary needs. That’s why we’re stoked to hear about the folks at GoodnessMe, an online shop for healthy snacks and eco-friendly products. They also put together a monthly subscription box jam-packed with wholesome snacks and other scrummy-sounding foods. Each month, they select up to 10 products and samples that are sent to your abode, which means you get to try out a bunch of different snacks. We’re particularly drawn to these dairy-free cheeza-pena tortilla chips, white chocolate lamington balls and vanilla and chia kinder biscuits. 

All GoodnessMe snacks meet a bunch of helpful criteria; they’re GMO-free, have no artificial sweeteners or flavours, no food additives and no high-fructose corn syrup. They also offer subscription boxes for gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free dietary concerns, along with a non-dietary box. It means you’ll spend way less time scanning the ingredients on product packaging and more time munching on delicious food. With a box of goodies delivered to you every month (shipping is free, by the way), your hangriest days will be well behind you. 

If you’re keen to explore GoodnessMe’s selection of wholesome foods (as well as beauty and supplement brands), swing by their website