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the poor porker

the poor porker


Here's a little inspirational story coming out of Lakeland, Florida. And it involves lots and lots of deep-fried choux pastry dough. Yummo.

Sometimes no matter how awesome a project is, no matter how much it makes our tummies rumble and our eyes light up with creative joy, not everything can fit into our pages. 

The Poor Porker is a little pop up cafe that Robyn and Jarrid opened a while back in the little town of Lakeland, Florida. They sell these things called beignets, something that we don't eat in Australia, but we can't wait for the bandwagon to roll in so we can have a taste - they're little deep friend pockets of choux pastry joy. The couple started their business in making delicious things when they were short on cash, but not inspiration. They've now become an institution in the town, and are encouraging others to follow in their sugar-dusted footsteps. You can read more about their story here, and be sure to check out their blog too for yummo recipes.